Julia Deans - We Light Fire

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Image of Julia Deans - We Light Fire

01. Easy / 02. FFS / 03. Metal Carnage / 04. The Rat is Back / 05. Ox / 06. Hitachi Jackhammer / 07. Lithium Zion / 08. Deep Blue Cheated / 09. Birthday / 10. Afraid For You / 11. Smoke

"Whole new audiences have come of age since Julia Deans last put out a record, and for some listeners We Light Fire will be their introduction to her. For others, though, it will be a reminder of her multiple talents, and – when they are all woven together – how impressive those can be." - RNZ

Latest album from Julia Deans pressed on orange vinyl!

We Light Fire has been recorded in a home studio in Northcote, Auckland, which Julia’s partner David Wernham built over the course of six months 2011, and she began writing the songs not long after. Many of them began with Deans mucking around with a variety of keyboard and synth sounds, in part because she was drawn to them, but also because, despite being known for her excellent guitar skills, she wanted to try something new.

While writing the songs was a very solo pursuit, the recording of them was less so, with Deans working closely with Wernham on “pulling the musical story together”. And though Deans also plays many of the instruments on the record herself, she also roped in an impressive list of friends to sprinkle their abilities across the tracks too, including Nick Gaffaney, Steve Bremner, Richie Pickard, Mareea Patterson, Anna Coddington, Annie Crummer, Tama Waipara, and Anika Moa.