Hollie Smith - Long Player LP


Image of Hollie Smith - Long Player LP

Hollie Smith - Long Player LP
10th Anniversary Edition
**10 tracks for the first time on vinyl!


A1 –Hollie Smith Can’t Let You Down 4:20
A2 –Hollie Smith I Will Do 4:45
A3 –Hollie Smith Philosophy 5:35
A4 –Hollie Smith So Long 5:33
B1 –Hollie Smith Provider 7:02
B2 –Hollie Smith Reprise 6:43
B3 –Hollie Smith Own It 6:29
C1 –Hollie Smith What I Say 5:17
C2 –Hollie Smith Come For Me Here 5:34
C3 –Hollie Smith Be Whole In Thee 2:30
C4 –Hollie Smith Miracles 6:25
D1 –Mt. Raskill Preservation Society Bathe In The River 5:32
D2 –Hollie Smith Helena 4:31
D3 –Hollie Smith Mamma 4:07
D4 –Hollie Smith Water Or Gold 4:28
D5 –Hollie Smith Will You Be The One 4:27