Estère - My Design, On Others' Lives LP


Image of Estère  - My Design, On Others' Lives  LP

Estère - My Design, On Others' Lives LP

Breaking conventional barriers is a pivotal element in Estère’s two-part, sophomore album 'My Design, On Others' Lives'. She didn't want anyone else to record or produce it, and she didn’t want to write songs about love (except to her Grandmother).

Recorded at her home studio in a suburban 40’s Wellington villa, Estère’s production paints a canvas of unique juxtaposition. Citing the meaty side of electronic music with succulent bass and weighty drums, then contrasting it with warm acoustic textures paired with the ethereal side of pop/jazz melodies, it’s clear why Estère stands apart in her own genre.


1 Vietnam
2 Control Freak
3 Grandmother
4 Pro Bono Techno Zone
5 Jellyfish Stings
6 Ambition

7 On Another’s Life / Under Water Whale Knowledge
8 Rent
9 Nomads
10 Gun Kid
11 L’ouiseau Dans L’étoile
12 Guilty