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01. The Whole Thing / 02. Worth The Wait / 03. Lost Our Mystery / 04. The Highest Tree / 05. Frogs / 06. Excite Me Much / 07. Life Is At Home / 08. Way Down Above Below / 09. Doesn't It Bother You / 10. Bye For Now

Label: ELROY
Elroy Finn makes music that is dreamy, luscious and a little melancholic. It evokes relaxation, red wine and cheese at dusk, and the weightless feeling one experiences just before you drift off to sleep. With a production aesthetic reminiscent of Grizzly Bear and Elliott Smith, you could find Elroy’s music embodying the spirit of a playlist designed for ‘Chilling.’

Elroy has spent most of the past 10 years playing in bands such as Wild Nothing, Connan Mockasin, Liam Finn, Neil Finn and Lawrence Arabia. In between these projects, he has slowly crafted his debut album in various bedrooms and studios between Brooklyn, NY and Auckland.