Spice Girls - Spice (LP) -NEW-


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There's a long tradition in England of kiddie-pop bands who harmonize well, look good, sell syrup by the millions in the U.K. and can't get arrested in the U.S. The Spice Girls smash that mold by adding a point of view. Having more pop hooks than your average bait & tackle shop doesn't hurt either. The five Spice Girls met when they answered a would-be svengali's ad looking for young women who could sing and dance. He got more than he bargained for. They also had spunk, and one of their first acts was to fire him and take control of their own career.

Track Listing:
Say You'll Be There
2 Become 1
Love Thing
Last Time Lover
Who Do You Think You Are
Something Kinda Funny
If U Can't Dance